Fair Use

Our media package includes space for “unlimited streaming media”. While this is a true promise, we use users to use space sparingly (for instance, use compressed files for audio streaming). This will keep your website running speedily. Larger files will slow down your site. Additionally, the unlimited space is meant for audio and/or video related to your own organizations. This is not a place to host pirated mp3s or videos that are not your own intellectual property. Unethical use of disk space is subject to termination of your account.

Restricted Use

We are a Christian organization working with Christian organizations. Our expectation will be that all users provide content that reflect Christian values. No illegal, pornographic, political or communal content will be tolerated. Such use is subject to immediate account termination without notice or  refund.

Spam Email

The email address we provide is meant for your organizational branding and to communicate with your network. It is not meant to be used for spam, for mass emailing or purposes not linked with your organization. (You are also free to use it as a personal email address). We reserve the right to immediately terminate accounts which are not being used for the stated purpose.

30-day Refund Policy

We provide only annual plans. Once setup, your website is yours to do as you wish (within legal and ethical guidelines) for one year. However, we provide a 30-day refund policy if you are unhappy with the service, with the following caveats:
1. Your website domain (e.g., “yourdomain.com”) will be registered by us with a third party. Domains are paid for annually. This money cannot be refunded, but the domain is your property for one yer. You can instruct in your desires for what to do with the domain.
2. If the domain is registered, refunds will be processed less domain registration charges (we offer private registration, which runs to Rs. 1000 per domain).
3. Once the 30-day window is passed, we will not entertain refund requests. The website and domain are your property for a year.


Email: Once your email account(s) are setup, we hand them over to you along with access information. We encourage you to change your passwords immediately. These accounts remain inaccessible to us – please keep your login information safely.

Website data: We will setup your website and on deployment will hand over to clients full access to the site. Regular updates and management of the site is the responsibility of each client. We will only access the site with client permission, for support purposes.

Information sharing: Your content is your property. We strictly enforce privacy, and do not share any of your information (email, or other contact information) with any party. However, remember what is placed publicly on your website is available for the world to see. Be judicious in what you post on your website. Additionally, your organization’s contact information will be given to the domain registrar.